Spring Break Work

Over break, I would like all students to practice problems to prepare for our practice Smarter Balanced Practice Test. This test is aligned with the Common Core Standards.

Things you might discuss with your child:

  • strategies to read carefully on a computer screen
  • importance of typing skills to input free response items
  • thinking carefully about what each question asks

Here are the links to the practice tests:

Language Arts Practice

Math Practice


Message from Arcadia and Chaisongkram

Please make sure you have ParentVUE accounts.  This will allow you to see all of your student’s scores.  https://parentsynergy.sysd.k12.ca.us/

If you need login information, please email Elizabeth Perez:





Parents of Mr. Chaisongkram’s Class,

Today, Thursday, March 6, students will be taking home the following for you to review with them:

1.  Report Card

2.  Progress Report (printed Thursday, February 27)

3.  Student Record (for Accelerated Reader)

4.  Star Reading Diagnostic Report

5.  Star Math Diagnostic Report

6.  Class Dojo Report

7.  Reflection Questions (needs to be done with a parent and returned Monday, March 10)

8.  Samples of student work



We apologize, but we made it clear to all the students that the plays are not open to families to watch.  Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for all of our students to perform.  

Thank you for understanding our request.


Winter Break Work


Here is what both classes will have for Winter Break Homework (Arcadia and Chaisongkram).

1.  Students will be expected to read daily.

2.  Landform Project

A diorama, power point presentation, poster, clay model, or whatever you decide of a scene or landscape.  Include at least 2 examples of weathering, two examples of erosion and/or dposition, and illustrations of two landforms when creating your project.  Label each feature with its name and include a short explanation of its role in changing the land.  Use your project to answer the following questions:

Questions and answers need to be typed.

What processes are involved in developing all of the landforms in your project.

Explain how two or more types of weathering can be involved in the development of a single landform in your project.

Choose one landform in your project.  How could you slow the weathering of that landform?

Due Tuesday, January 14.

Mission San Diego & Old Town Field Trip


On January 17, we will be going on a field trip to San Diego Mission Alcala and Old Town.  We are collecting the field trip money and permission slips now, so that we can pay for the buses.  Please return this week.

Thanks you!

Awards Criteria Questions & Concerns


There have been several questions and concerns regarding awards criteria & why your student is not receiving an award.

Here are the 4th grade awards:

4 Academic Excellence

4 Peace Builder

2 Dolphin Pride

There were many, many students that deserved awards, but it is impossible to give every student one.  My goal is to make sure that every deserving student receive an award in either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester.



Mission Project

CA Mission Project

In Social Studies class, the students are learning about the California Missions.

We will follow up this project with a field trip to San Diego Mission Alcala and Old Town on January 17.



USS Midway

IMG-20131107-00637IMG-20131107-00638IMG-20131107-00639 IMG-20131107-00640 IMG-20131107-00641 (1) IMG-20131107-00641 IMG-20131107-00642 (1) IMG-20131107-00642 (2) IMG-20131107-00642 IMG-20131107-00646 IMG-20131107-00647

Field Trip Permission Slip

Arcadia and Chaisongkram

Permission slips for our November 7 field trip to the USS Midway will be sent home today.

Please check out our school’s blog at oceanviewhillsdolphins.wordpress.com for information regarding out FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL and RED RIBBON WEEK.

Don’t forget that your student has a Social Studies test tomorrow and has a study guide to help.  The test is NOT open book.