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We Wish You A Merry Christmas!!!

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It has been decided that Kendamas will no longer be allowed at school.

Parent Teacher Conference Update

Parent Teacher Conference Form UPDATE

11/11 parent conference date is changed to 11/12

11/11 is a district holiday

Spirit Week

Monday, October 27 / “Red Ribbon Day” / Wear red to school and “Say No to Drugs”

Tuesday, October 28 / “Be a Smarty Pants… Say No to Drugs” / Dress in “Nerd” clothes

Wednesday, October 29 / “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Choices” / Wear favorite sports shirt

Thursday, October 30 / “Don’t be a Sleepy Head” / Wear pajamas

Friday, October 31 / “Say Boo to Drugs” / wear Halloween costume

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule

This post if for Chaisongkram’s class only:


Your students will take home Parent Conference Schedule choices today.  Please make sure to select three choices, and I will confirm one of them.

Parent Teacher Conferences 2014

Just because….

Arcadia & Chaisongkram


Mr. Arcadia and I will be sending home Synergy Reports with all the grades that have been posted.

This is how we weight the scores:

Quizzes/Tests 50%

Class Assignments 25%

Special Projects 15%

Benchmark Exams 10%

Here are how percentages are reflected on Report Cards:

Percentage                    Number on Report Card

95-100%                        4      (above grade level)

75-94%                          3      (at grade level)

55-74%                          2      (approaching grade level)

0-54%                            1      (far below grade level)

Fall Break Part 2

Arcadia & Chaisongkram


Today, students received their Fall Break Reading Logs.  Also, the optional CA Regions assignment is attached to their Homework Calendar.

We would like to remind ALL parents that students knowing their multiplication facts is a strong indicator in future success in math.  So, we have sent home a times tables copy as one method for your student to practice.  Please work on this daily with your student if he or she does not know her multiplication facts.

Thank you for your support!

Fall Break Work

Arcadia & Chaisongkram


We expect expect every student to read 20 minutes daily during Fall Break.  We will send home a reading summary by Friday.

Extra Credit (optional assignment)

California Brochure to be completed during Fall Break:      

Due: 10/7/14, no exceptions

Persuade People to visit CALIFORNIA

State and Capital Brochure Project

  • State – California
  • Gather Facts to attract visitors to your state, your brochure will need to include information about resources, environment, and opportunities there. Use the Internet and Library to gather information.
  • Write Descriptions  or captions for each of the bulleted topics below for California. The purpose of the brochure is to convince people to come for a visit and spend $$. Therefore, as you describe each topic make sure everything you write is positive and persuasive.
  • Pictures with Captions: Create bold, strong images/pictures for each of the descriptions above.  Draw or clip art.
  • Please include the following sections:
  • Map of the area- include “must see” attractions, mountains, rivers, capital city, etc.
  • Climate- Describe the weather and give advice about clothing
  • Special Attractions – Theme parks, landmarks, historical sites, things to see and do
  • State Info-State motto, state bird, picture and meaning of state flag, state flower, State nickname (California is “The Golden State”), State abbreviation (California is CA)
  • Politics- Is California classified as “red” (Republican) or “blue” (Democrat) state?
  • Historical Significance-Was California famous for any historical events?  Coupons/Special Offers-This is where you can be creative.

*Brochures must be presented in a neat, colorful, professional looking format appropriate for 4th grade.

*Brochure must be typed or written legibly if it is presented on paper.  Pictures are expected to be colorful and persuasive.

*Work is expected to be precise and use complete sentences with academic details.

*Digital brochures may be saved on a flash drive or emailed to